Interdisciplinary Center for Computer-based Modeling


Update: ICMK has resumed functioning.

The following laboratories will be built as part of the Interdisciplinary Center for Computer-based Modeling:

  1. Computer Laboratory for the design of complex electrical and mechanical engineering systems (automation, electronics, controllers, CAD / CAM / CAE diagnostics, magnetic levitation,
  2. Computer Laboratory for ecological modeling (ecology, control, estimation, prognosis),
  3. Bioengineering and Biomedical Laboratory,
  4. Agricultural Engineering Laboratory,
  5. Econometrics and Economic Processes Forecasting Laboratory,
  6. Laboratory for Cognitive Studies.

The aim of the "Interdisciplinary Center for Computer Modeling" is to build a didactic platform that will improve the quality of teaching through the use of modern education methods. The will enhance education in the field of mathematical sciences, including computer science. It is expected that the use of the platform will expand the educational offer at the University by introducing new fields of study such as:

  1. Computer science and econometrics,
  2. Cognitive science, focusing on information systems engineering.

The objective of the project is also to strengthen cooperation with the business sector, which should include:

  1. modeling information flow between the areas of science, economy and local administration through a relational structured mapping of regional clusters and to identify the main measures of the network,
  2. using statistical models for estimating the impact of network impacts on regional and enterprise achievements,
  3. developing a general theory of mathematical modeling in various disciplines of science and economy, including in terms of optimizing the use of the region's economic potential, as well as forecasting the occurrence of crisis phenomena,
  4. developing a computer analysis model for determining the minimum number of biological signals, taking into consideration the dynamics of health change.


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Director: dr hab.  prof. UR Jan G. Bazan

  1. Pigonia 1, 35-310 Rzeszów
    bud. B4, p.I, pok. 101
    tel. 17 851 8690   - Sekretariat