Center for Applied Biotechnology and Natural Sciences


The scientific equipment acquired so far are located in facilities consisting of 13 laboratories:


Research Laboratory of the Department of Animal Physiology and Reproduction

  • Operating theatre for large experimental animals
  • Laboratory of Immunodiagnostics
  • Laboratory of Molecular Research on Animal Reproduction
  • Laboratory for Testing Gas Concentrations and Biologically Active Compounds in Biological Materials and the Environment.


Plant Morphogenesis and Biomechanics Laboratory

  • Microscopy and Micromechanics Laboratory
  • Molecular Plant Physiology Laboratory


Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory

  • Protein Bioengineering Laboratory
  • Cell Physiology Laboratory
  • LC/MS Proteomic Laboratory


Ecotoxicology Laboratory

  • Molecular Ecology laboratory
  • Environmental Toxicology Laboratory


Genetics and Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory

  • Microscopy Laboratory
  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory.

The Center thus serve as a platform for mutual cooperation between scientific and research staff specializing in biological, agricultural and medical sciences, as well as business entities conducting activities in such fields. Research tasks planned for implementation at the Center of Applied Biotechnology and Natural Sciences are not currently implemented on such a scale and in a comprehensive manner by any other entity located in the Podkarpackie province. The Center also conducts major research activities in the following areas: research works and application in the fields of biotechnology in animals, plants, food, medicine and environmental protection; application of natural sciences in technological development, using biological systems, co-operation with the economic sector and other domestic and foreign research centers, as well as the training of specialists in biotechnology.