Grand opening of the Welcome Centre at the University of Rzeszów!

On December 7, we officially opened the Welcome Centre at the University of Rzeszów! This place is especially helpful for foreign guests, doctoral students and employees.

The Welcome Centre is the contact point for foreign guests (including students and PhD students) of the University of Rzeszów. It was created as part of a project financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange as part of the Welcome to Poland program (2022).

The tasks of the Welcome Centre office include:

  • Assistance in formal matters related to your stay at the University of Rzeszów, including, if the situation requires, support in legalizing your stay in Poland Assistance with accommodation and transportation
  • Cooperation with representatives of the University and the Doctoral School in organizing visits of scientists from abroad
  • Organization of orientation days for foreign students on the campuses of the University of Rzeszów at the beginning of each semester Initiating meetings and workshops for members of the academic community of the University of Rzeszów, including foreign students
  • Collecting and sharing information with foreign guests about open events in the city and region
  • Responding to inquiries by e-mail and telephone.

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