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Medical evacuation of patients from Ukraine who require specialized medical care has been carried out since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. So far, more than 1,000 sick and wounded have been medically evacuated (Medevac’d) for treatment in other countries. Specialized medical transport is a key condition for safe evacuation.

The Norwegian government today handed over to Ukraine the first of five buses for the specialized multi-stretcher transport of patients from Ukraine, the production of which was co-financed by the European Union. Each of the buses has the capacity to transport 5 - 6 patients and is equipped with equipment necessary for intensive care.

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WHO in Ukraine has been providing technical support for the project and the design of the buses alongside the Ukraine National Emergency Medical Service (EMS) as part of the technical working group.

As part of the handover, a dedicated 4-day training will be provided for Ukrainian medical and technical personnel. The participants include doctors, paramedics and technicians from Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro. The training is being held in close cooperation with the Medical Simulation Center of the Medical College of Rzeszow.

The dedicated training will be used as an opportunity to quality assure the design planning, with active participation from the national EMS, Norwegian Government, the Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) who are currently supporting medical evacuation and WHO.  

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‘On behalf of Norway, I hope that the launch of this multi-stretcher transfer capability for patients who are wounded and sick will improve the efficiency and quality of medical evacuation within and outside of Ukraine, as well as will contribute to the overall strengthening the national emergency system’, said Dr. Gunnar Farstad of Oslo University Hospital, medical director of the project. 

Dr Jarno Habicht, WHO Representative in Ukraine said: "WHO will continue to support authorities to strengthen emergency medical services on preparedness and response. Our close cooperation with partners including the Norwegian Government allows partners to contribute to the better provision of health care for people in Ukraine."


Contact person:

Prof Stephen Sollid

Head of Prehospital Services, Oslo University Hospital

Mobile Phone: +47 932 27 996


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