The meeting of Dr Hab. Elżbieta Rokosz, Prof. UR - Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education, with international students

On October 10th, a meeting took place with the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education, Dr Hab. Elżbieta Rokosz, Prof. UR, and international students who came to the University of Rzeszów as part of the Erasmus+ program or enrolled in English-language medical studies. A representative of the Student Government of the University of Rzeszów, Maciej Mulak, also participated in the meeting. 

Following the general organizational meeting, intercultural communication workshops were held (the first of planned activities of this type funded by the National Academic Exchange Agency as part of the Welcome to Poland 2022 Program). The workshops were conducted by Dr Jarosław Kinal from the Institute of History at the University of Rzeszów, with the aim of familiarizing the students with the realities of our university and assisting our international students in adapting to life in Rzeszów and Poland.  

Extended stays in a new, linguistically and culturally different environment bring elements of stress and uncertainty. Therefore, this type of initiative was intended as an introduction to the process of integrating our students with the university and the local community. About 70 students from countries such as Spain, Turkey, Italy, and Ukraine participated in the meeting. 


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