The Institute of Physical Sciences at the University of Rzeszów is a beneficiary of the NAWA - IMPRESS-U Program

The U.S. National Science Foundation, through the National Academic Exchange Agency (NAWA), as part of the IMPRESS-U program (International Multilateral Partnerships for Resilient Education and Science System in Ukraine), has granted support to a project prepared by scientists from the University of Rzeszów, Austin Peay State University (USA), and the University of Lviv (UA) titled 'Integration of UA-PL-USA students and researchers with advanced science and technology of amorphous materials.' This project is an expansion of the already implemented NSF OISE-2106457 project.

This new project will enable students from Ukraine, Poland, and the USA to engage in interdisciplinary research on innovative amorphous materials within joint international research teams. The project envisions a two-year international collaboration program aimed at promoting excellence in science and education, integrating students and researchers into the global academic community, and preparing students for a scientific career in the field of advanced amorphous materials.

As part of this project, three tasks have been formulated:

1) Development of sensor technology based on chalcogenide fibres for the study of biological objects.

2) Development of biocompatible antibacterial glasses.

3) Development of advanced fluorescent materials based on a nanomodified glass matrix.

For the implementation of each task, a joint international group will be formed, bringing together researchers and students from all participating countries in the project. Preparatory and implementation tasks will be carried out at the respective home universities, and the executive stage will be implemented at the University of Rzeszów during 7-week summer research programs in the years 2024–2025, involving students majoring in Physics and scientific staff.

The project will also include research activities at the other two universities participating in the already implemented IRES-1 OISE-2106457 project, namely the University of Rennes I (France) and the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic).

As part of the project's implementation, scientific visits of student groups to partner universities in the USA, France, and the Czech Republic are also foreseen.

The main coordinator of the entire project is Dr Yaroslav Shpotyuk (Institute of Physical Sciences at the University of Rzeszów). Dr Hab. Józef Cebulski, Professor at the University of Rzeszów (Institute of Physical Sciences at the University of Rzeszów), is responsible for coordinating activities on the Polish side, and on the American side, it is Professor Andriy Kovalskiy. Dr. Andriy Luchechko is responsible for the Ukrainian side. Furthermore, the project tasks on the Polish side are executed by Dr Hab. Małgorzata Kus-Liśkiewicz, Professor at the University of Rzeszów (Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Rzeszów), and Dr Bohdan Mahlovanyi (Institute of Physical Sciences at the University of Rzeszów).

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