Project "Identification and monitoring of military parameters of the Polish Army" in the "Science for Society II" program

We are pleased to inform you that the project "Identification and monitoring of health and physical parameters of Polish soldiers" has been qualified for funding by the Minister of Science and Higher Education under the "Science for the Society II" program. The amount of funding for the project is 1,158,578.20 PLN.

The project team consists of employees of the Institute of Medical Sciences:

  • Rafał Podgórski, PhD - project manager
  • Prof. Marta Kopańska, Prof. UR
  • Sabina Galiniak, PhD
  • Marek Cieśla, PhD

and the Institute of Physical Culture Sciences:

  • prof. Krzysztof Przednowek

Participants in the project will be a group of around 200 people, divided into 4 subgroups (Special Forces soldiers, regular Land Forces soldiers, Territorial Defense Forces representatives, and a control group).

The objectives of the project are:

  • detailed identification and measurement of indicators to assess the psychomotor and physical condition of the body and predict negative health outcomes for project participants.
  • creating an optimal candidate profile for various branches of the armed forces based on machine learning models.
  • developing machine learning models to predict the occurrence of health disorders based on measured parameters - a screening test enabling early diagnosis of occupationally related diseases in their initial stages before the onset of clinical symptoms and accompanying complications.

The ongoing project is of great importance from the point of view of national security as well as public health. The results of the conducted interdisciplinary research will be published in scientific journals, and the most important results and conclusions will be communicated to representatives of the Polish Army.


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