Noc Anglistów at the University of Rzeszów is behind us!

On November 24th, for the third time in the history of the University of Rzeszów, the Department of English Philology at the University of Rzeszów participated in the nationwide event called Noc Anglistów. 

Seventeen universities took part in the event. 

During the Noc Anglistów, all interested individuals had the opportunity to participate in lectures, workshops, and competitions conducted by the employees of the Department of English Philology, as well as students from the Scientific Circle of English Philology. The winners of the translation competition for the best translation of fragments of the work of American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald were students from the IV High School in Rzeszów. In the competition where participants were tasked with developing and presenting an innovative product to a panel of experts, the best team was from the III High School in Rzeszów. Congratulations! 

The culmination of the Noc Anglistów at the University of Rzeszów was a fragment of the theatrical performance titled "The Tragic History of Doctor Faust" performed by The Chamber Fellows theatrical group within the Scientific Circle of English Philology. 


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