New field of study at the University of Rzeszów - Media, Visual and Social Communication

In today's digital world, the ability to communicate effectively in both visual and social contexts is an essential skill. Responding to the growing needs of the job market, the Media, Visual and Social Communication major offers students a comprehensive education that combines both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Curriculum and course structure - the course is distinguished by a varied curriculum that includes theoretical classes, practical workshops and research projects. The educational process is based on active methods such as case studies, simulations and fieldwork, which stimulates critical thinking and student engagement. The curriculum is dynamic and regularly updated to match the demands of the evolving labour market and the needs of our students.

Interdisciplinarity and teamwork - the course promotes teamwork and interdisciplinarity, enabling students to gain experience in a variety of professional environments. Classes are taught by experienced media and communications practitioners, giving students direct access to up-to-date knowledge and practical skills.

Preparing for the global job market - one of the key elements of the programme is that it is taught exclusively in English, which enables students to develop language skills in an international context. In addition, the programme emphasises the study of specialised language (ESP), which prepares students to communicate effectively in areas such as marketing, business, media and design.

Developing a variety of competences - Media, Visual and Social Communication graduates have a broad spectrum of competences:

  • Research competences: the ability to conduct research, analyse data and draw conclusions in order to create effective communication strategies.
  • Interpersonal competences: the ability to work as a part of or manage a team and build interpersonal relationships.
  • Language competence: fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Cultural competence: understanding of cultural differences and adapting communication to a broad range social groups.
  • Marketing and design competencies: creating marketing strategies, graphic and multimedia design.
  • Social media competence: effective management and communication across social media platforms.

Employment opportunities - graduates of this major are prepared to work in various fields, both in Polish and international companies. They can find employment as data analysts, copywriters, content managers, graphic designers, user interface designers, project managers in advertising agencies, specialists in corporate communication, marketing, social media, event organisation, public relations to mention but a few.

The Media, Visual and Social Communication major is a modern educational program that prepares students for the challenges of today's job market. The interdisciplinary nature, practical approach to teaching and collaboration with industry practitioners combine to ensure that graduates of this degree are comprehensively prepared for careers in a variety of fields related to communication, media and design.


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