INTERNATIONAL CEEPUS SUMMER SCHOOL at the College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow

We are happy to inform that the National Agency for the Academic Exchange has awarded the College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow with a grant under the CEEPUS Program for the organization of International Summer School “Communication in Medicine”.

Between 1-9 July, 2024, the College of Medical Sciences will host 15 persons from the CEEPUS countries who wish to strengthen skills in the field of communication with patients and interdisciplinary teams.

The summer school will be a unique educational opportunity for future medical staff (nurses, midwives, physicians, paramedics, and others) and academics from health and medical sciences. In particular, the participants will attend the following morning and afternoon seminars and workshops:

Course1: Interpersonal Communication

Course 2: Interpersonal Communication in Medicine and Healthcare

Course 3: Breaking Bad News – SPIKES Protocol Training for Medical Personnel

Course 4: Mindfulness-based communication

Course 5: Transcultural Communication in Medicine

At the end of the summer school the participants will receive a Certificate.

The Summer School will be organized stationary and the coursewill utilize a combination of lectures, interactive role-playing scenarios, and case studies, allowing participants to apply some protocols in realistic situations. The participants will take part in the study visits organized around the region.

The Project Manager is dr Małgorzata Nagórska from the College of Medical Sciences.

Welcome to Center “New Space for Scientist” at the College of Medical Sciences acts as the coordinating unit.


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