III edition of the international scientific conference Culture and Cognition in Language

On April 27-28, 2023 the third edition of the international linguistic conference Culture and Cognition in Language took place, whose main theme was verbal and nonverbal figurativeness in interhuman communication. The conference was organized by the Department of English Studies, and its main aim was to debate the widely discussed phenomenon of multimodality in contemporary communication and to demonstrate the need for interdisciplinary research.

As with previous editions, the Department of English Studies hosted speakers from various parts of the world who came to the conference due to the conference topic as well as renowned plenary speakers, including Professor Charles Forceville from the University of Amsterdam, Professor Elżbieta Górska from the University of Warsaw, Professor Zoltan Kovecses from Eotvos Lorand University, and Professor Jordan Zlatev from Lund University.

The tangible scientific result of the conference will be the publication of articles based on the presented papers in the journal "Studies in Logic Grammar and Rhetoric" (100 points in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranking).


foto\ Michał Święcicki

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