Ceremony of Doctoral Promotion at the University of Rzeszów

The Doctoral Promotion Ceremony is an extremely important day and celebration of science for the entire academic community of our University, and above all an important day for people who received a doctoral diploma on that day. It is a tribute to the many years of effort of doctoral students and the scientific supervision of supervisors.

Doctors are people who have decided to start a scientific career. During the solemn ceremony, 49 adepts of humanities, social, biological, agricultural and health sciences, by virtue of the resolutions of the relevant college councils of our University, obtained doctoral degrees, one person obtained the degree of habilitated doctor.

The doctors took a solemn oath and thus officially entered the scientific path, committing themselves to further activities for research and development of knowledge. The University of Rzeszów is authorized to confer doctoral degrees in 19 categories.

The Scientific Council of the College of Humanities awarded 26 people a doctoral degree.


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