XII Night of Biologists at the University of Rzeszów

We are very pleased to announce that on January 13, 2023, the 12th edition of the nationwide Biologists' Night will take place. On this occasion, students, doctoral students and employees of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology and the College of Natural Sciences invite all nature enthusiasts to participate in this event.

We work hard to prepare a rich and diverse offer of educational activities for you. We will try to bring you closer to the secrets of biology and the work of scientists through lectures, workshops, shows and educational games. We hope that there will also be numerous nightly discussions within the walls of the University.

The Night of Biologists 2023 will be carried out only in direct contact (the mode may change due to the epidemiological situation) in the Zalesie Campus (buildings D9 and D7) and the Rejtana Campus (mainly building A0). Registration points will be located in buildings D9 and A0.

Biologists' Night program Noc Biologów (

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