Student Ombudsperson

Wiktoria Bednarz


I am a third-year student studying law at the Institute of Legal Sciences.

My task, which results directly from the function of the Ombudsperson is to act in defence of the rights of people studying within the walls of our university.

Therefore, in the event of any problems related to the course of studies, I remain at your disposal. I will try to take all actions and efforts to help resolve the situation.


E-mail address:


Following §55 of the Regulations of the Student Union of the University of Rzeszów of November 7, 2019, the most important tasks of the Student Ombudsperson include:

  • receiving complaints, applications or inquiries from students of the University in written, electronic or oral form,
  • organizing legal assistance for students related to the course of studies,
  • educating students on the rights and obligations they are entitled to in the form of, among others: training, lectures, information provided via social media,
  • ensuring that the rights of students at the University of Rzeszow are respected,

providing opinions on draft legislation in the area of student rights.