Dear colleagues.

While studying, you participate in a number of activities that are related to the processing of your and your colleagues' personal data.
The actions you take when dealing with data such as your name, date of birth, PESEL, home address, e-mail, phone number, etc. require vigilance and the use of appropriate safeguards.
Failure to do so can lead to events such as data being stolen, locked or made available to unauthorized persons. Your data can be used in such situations, for example, for fraud and financial scams.

How can you protect your personal data? First of all, pay attention to who you give it to, where and under what conditions. Make sure that sharing data such as your address, PESEL number or a scan of a document confirming your identity is necessary and safe. Don't share your data or that of your colleagues, don't publish it on social media and on drives available in "clouds." Data that is once
published on the Internet become public.

Remember! When you give your data to someone or make it public voluntarily, you knowingly allow others access to it and deprive yourself of protection.

If you have any problems or concerns in the area of data processing, please contact:

Yours sincerely

Data Protection Officer of the University of Rzeszow