Student Dormitories Of The University Of Rzeszow


The University of Rzeszow offers accommodation in five dormitories which include single and marriage rooms. The place in a dormitory is granted by the Faculty Scholarship Committee at the written request of the student. Priority in awarding a place in a student hostel is given to students who would have problems in commuting to the university and to those who are in a difficult financial situation.



35-326 Rzeszow
ul. Cicha 2
tel. (0...17) 872 22 00
Manager mgr Tadeusz Marut

The dormitory offers 700 beds in double and triple rooms and 10 single rooms. Accommodation in single rooms can be granted only by the Appeal Scholarship Commission

In one residential segment  there are two bedrooms with a hall and a bathroom. In the hall there is a washbasin, in the bathroom: a toilet and a shower. The room is connected to the TV network – analogue and digital (16 TV channels) and to the Internet in the cable system. The phones in the rooms are connected to the internal network which enables to make free calls to every building within  the University of Rzeszow and the University of Technology.

On each floor there is one kitchen with three electrical double ceramic countertops, an oven and  a microwave. There are bins for rubbish segregation and a chute on every floor in the hallways.

The rooms are illuminated with the energy saving led tubes, and in the kitchens and hallways LEDs are switched by motion sensors.

Safety in the dormitories is secured by a modern fire alarm system with smoke detectors in the rooms and audible signals in each hall.  32 cameras are placed in the hallways and 8 cameras are in the parking lots ( with a total of 100 car spaces) with the ability to recover data for two weeks. Each resident receives a system key to the room , which also opens the hall. The residential segment can be accessed only when you open the door with a system key.

In the basement of the dormitory, there are billiards, room for occasional events, ping-pong tables .

On the second floor, in room No 219 there is a laundry and a TV room,  on the first floor in room 119B there is quiet study room.

At the dormitory  "Laura", in the Social and Cultural Centre, there is a  Students’ Club "Pod Palmą" ( with a buffet as well as a Physical Education Faculty building with a gym run by AZS ( Academic Sport Association).

On the ground floor of the dormitory, there is a Students’ Radio “Feniks” - you can listen to  this radio via the internet ( and through the network broadcasting centres.

Students of the University of Rzeszow can reside in the dormitory when the place is granted by the Scholarship Committee  (applications should be submitted in the Dean's Office in accordance with the procedure specified in the Rules of Granting Financial Assistance). One can reside without the decision only if there are vacancies – reservations should be made with the manager of the given dormitory.

Throughout the academic year, and in the summer months you are welcomed to enjoy accommodation in the guest rooms.


"Filon" Dormitory
35-326 Rzeszow
ul. Cicha 4
tel. (017) 872 34 00
Manager mgr Izabela Winiarska

The dormitory "Filon" is a 10-storey building in a picturesque location. It can accommodate 710 people in single, double and triple rooms. The building is equipped with modern sanitary facilities which are designed for two rooms with an access to the Internet, television and telephone network. The dormitory also has 4 segments  adjusted for the handicapped. There is a lift for disabled, open kitchen on each floor, laundry room, a quiet study room, grocery store , photocopy unit, vending machine. In addition, the building is located near the Students’ Club "Pod Palmą", the cafe "Tuptuś", a gym, a playground, a doctor's surgery and a canteen "Pod Palmą" – offering  lunches. There is very good public transportation to other educational buildings of the University.

Rzeszow, 35-601
ul Ćwiklińskiej 2,b,c

Self referent  Grażyna Gurczyńska tel. 17/861-40- 04

Witold Pięta tel. 17/861-40-12

Manager mgr Mariusz Jucha
tel. 17/ 861 40 02
- reception DS. "Merkury" tel. 17/86- 40-00
- reception DS. "Hilton" tel. 17/861-40-00

Dormitory Houses in Zalesie Campus. The rooms are designed in the  segment system. Two rooms form a segment. Each unit has a kitchenette, a bathroom with  a shower and a separate toilet. Each room has an access to the Internet. On each floor, there is a kitchen with a gas cookers and an electric oven. Students  on the Campus have access to laundry facilities, a quiet study room, a TV room and a room with a billiard table.  Mercury and  Hilton are both four-storey buildings. In front of the dormitories, there is a basketball court and parking . The facilities are monitored by a camera system. At  Mercury there are 297 places and  Hilton offers 276 places.




"Olimp" Dormitory
35-203 Rzeszów
ul. Siemieńskiego 17
tel: +48 17 872 26 00

Manager: mgr Ewa Ożóg - Zięba

Bank account number of the dormitory "Olimp":
After signing the accommodation contract, each resident has an individual payment account generated, which is available at the virtual university.

"Olimp" Dormitory is a low, 4-storey building with 222 places available in 111 double rooms. Each room consists of a kitchenette (ceramic hob, sink, refrigerator), hall and its own bathroom with shower and toilet. All rooms have free access to the wireless Internet and cable TV and a telephone in the internal network enabling free calls within the University of Rzeszów.

Additionally, in the building there is a quiet study room with wireless Internet, a gym, a fitness room, a table tennis room, a billiard room, laundry rooms on the 1st and 3rd floor and a room for bicycles.

24h reception, security cameras inside and outside of the building and a modern fire alarm system with smoke detectors in the rooms and sound signaling ensure safety in the dormitory.

"Olimp" Dormitory is located in the center of Rzeszów, next to the bus stop (lines 5, 9, 12, 29, 59), about 1,5km from the buildings of the Institute of Legal Sciences (approx. 15 min. on foot) and 1,7km from building of the Department of Physiotherapy (approx.. 10min.) It is also in close proximity to the main railway station, bus station (approx. 10 min.), the Old Town and shopping centers.