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ECHE - 101009165
Erasmus code - PL RZESZOW02
PIC - 984448830, OID - E10171468



Important information for ERASMUS+ exchange students



                                                         Academic calendar:                                            Nomination deadline       Deadline for application

                                        Winter semester:  1 October - ~middle of February                                 20 May                            31   May
                                        Summer semester:  ~middle of February - June, 30                                 20 October                      31 October


Nomination should be sent by the student's Home University to Please be so kind to fill in Nomination table


Application Form should be filled in by student  ON-LINE, printed, signed by student and by the responsible person in student's University and sent together with:

  • 1 identity card size picture (see below)
  • photocopy of the passport passport or identity card
  • transcript of records
  • statement about good knowledge of English at least B1 level within Common European Framework of References Languages (signed by Institutional or Departmental Coordinator).

Details of the card size picture: The photo must have the good quality (clear, normal light).The background must be smooth, not glowing and the contour of the head must be clearly visible.Photo with the shadow of the person are inadmissible. Colours must be natural - uncouolured photos are inadmissible (black and white, sepia).The photo should be in the JPG size – 400 x 500 pixels


The scanned version of the Application Form and attachments must be encrypted and sent to e-mail: version should be in good quality (photos of the documents are not accepted).


Online Learning Agreements - Applies only to students from EU and Turkey coming to study.

It is also necessary to fill in Online Learning Agreement (OLA) as requested by the European Commission and sign electronically. OLA and LA in Application Form should be the same.

In order to do this you should fill in LA via EU system OLA -



Before coming to the University of Rzeszów, you need the following documents:• Health and accident insurances (obligatory)

• Liability Insurance (recommended for study, obligatory for traineeship)

• Students need also proper insurance for working in hospital


Students of nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy have to bring with themselves current results of examinations:

  1. X-ray of chest
  2. Carrier state testing Salmonella and Shigella
  3. Blood cell count determination (morfology)
  4. Urine analysis
  5. Medical examination about state health with stamp and signature of doctor


The University of Rzeszów guarantees an accommodation for Erasmus students in Student Hostels (Akademik)

  • DS "Laura", ul. Cicha 2
  • DS "Filon", ul. Cicha 4
  • DS. "Olimp", ul. Siemieńskiego 17
  • DS "Merkury", "Hilton - ul. Ćwiklinskiej 2 a, b


  • Courses
    The University of Rzeszów offers a lot of courses taught in English.
    List of those courses you will find on our web site:
    List of courses is annually modified.
  • Polish Language Course
    Students will be offered twice a week Polish Language Course which is free of charge, of course.
  • Arrival
    Date of arrival of students should be in a week before the beginning of semester. There is no orientation week.
  • First meetings
  • - Students should come to the Section for Academic Exchange and Foreign Students (Rejtana str. 16C, room 44, 35-959 Rzeszów, Poland). Students will receive all relevant information about their stay in Rzeszów.
    - Students will go to the departmental coordinator at the Faculty


Anna Zając – Responsible for  incoming students, outgoing staff for training -
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski / University of Rzeszów
Department of Education
Section for Academic Exchange and Foreign Students
Rejtana str. 16C, room 44
35-959 Rzeszów, Poland
Tel.: +48 872 15 72