Legalizing your residence


Being a foreign student you are obliged to possess an entry visa to Poland. Visas are obtainable from any of Poland’s Consular Offices in your country of origin on presentation of a document certifying your admission for studies in Poland.

 EU Citizens

Being a citizen of any EU Member States or the Shengen Area you are allowed entry into Poland, based on a valid travel document, for example a passport or national ID.

Non- EU Member States citizens

All citizens of non-EU Member States, including Norway, Island, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, may cross the EU external borders, including the Polish borders if the hold any of following documents:

  • a valid travel document,
  • a valid visa, if applicable,
  • a legitimate purpose of your intended stay and having the necessary financial resources to ensure your sustenance during the intended period of stay as well as return to country of origin, or an indication of your ability to generate such funds legally,
  • the required health insurance cover.

For any intended stay in Poland for a period exceeding 90 days (at least 91 days) necessitates applying for a Polish long-term stay visa, marked D.

All Ukrainian citizens applying for a student visa are required to fill in documents such as:

  1. A visa form to be completed online via the E-Consulate platform, printed and signed;
  2. A colour photograph with dimensions 3,5 x 4,5 cm. The photograph ought to be:
  3. sharp, on a white background and printed on a high-quality paper,
  4. not older than 6 months,
  5. taken head-on, clearly indicating the eyes and face from both sides from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders, such that the face takes 70-80% of the photograph. Photographs should be without head covers.
  6. Passports issued in the last 10 years should be valid for at least 3 months from the date of intended return and should have a minimum of 2 free pages for visas.
  7. A copy of the passport’s page containing the personal data and photograph.
  8. Health insurance cover, valid within the EU for an amount not less than EUR 30 000.
  9. A copy of a document identifying your person and confirming your legal residence within the jurisdiction of the Consular Office to which you are applying for a visa.
  10. A proof of having the financial resources declared and confirmed at the Consular Office.
  11. A proof of having accommodation arranged (e.g., an official letter of invitation or hotel reservation).
  12. Documents confirming the purpose of stay in the Republic of Poland.

Moreover, a foreigner seeking a visa tagged „student” ought to submit the following documents to justify purpose of the trip:

  • A statement from the institution offering the studies, indicating your formal admission or your continuation of studies (a proof of your inclusion on the list of students of the University of Rzeszów)
  • A proof that all fees have been paid if you are undertaking paid studies.
  • A documented proof indicating you have sufficient resources to cover all costs of study, including for your stay and the return trip to your country of origin or residence or the costs of transiting to a third country that agrees to grant you entry permit.


 Detailed information on visa matters can be found at: