Institute of Polish Philology

Al. Rejtana 16c
35-959 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 872 12 30


Head of the Institute
dr hab. prof. UR Agnieszka Myszka

      The roots of the Polish Studies in Rzeszów reach back to 1963, when a branch college of the Pedagogical University in Cracow was created here. Two years later it was transformed into the Pedagogical University in Rzeszów, which offered MA studies at two faculties: of Philology and History and of Mathematics and Physics. In 1966, the Chair of Polish Literature and Language was founded, which in 1981 was transformed into the Institute of Polish Philology. In 2018, with new majors opened and new areas of research developed, the Institute was transformed into the Institute of Polish Studies and Journalism.

Within the new Institute there are seven departments:

  • Department of Old Polish Literature and Literature of Polish Enlightenment
  • Department of Literature and Culture of the 19th Century and of Mythological Studies
  • Department of Polish Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Department of the Polish Language
  • Department of the Theory and Anthropology of Literature
  • Department of Methodology of Polish Literature and Language Teaching
  • Department of Rhetoric and Communication Pragmatics

     The main areas of research include: Old Polish and late Enlightenment literature, Polish literature after the loss of national independence in 1795, Polish literature and the November Uprising, the 20th-century literature and culture studies, emigration literature, the Eastern Borderland in Polish literature and culture; selected issues of theory, anthropology and sociology of literature; textual style and language studies, historical and linguistic studies, onomastics, language communication issues, dialectology, issues concerning the content of the Polish studies abroad and integrated education, studies of rhetoric and pragmatics of communication, studies of journalism genres.

Majors offered by the Institute:

1.      Polish  Philology – BA and MA studies

2.      Journalism and Social Communication - BA and MA studies

3.      Applied Polish Studies – BA studies

Part-time postgraduate studies offered by the Institute:

1.      Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language

2.      Logopedics

3.      Neurologopedics