Faculty of Pedagogy

Faculty of Pedagogy

dr hab. Ryszard PĘCZKOWSKI, prof. UR


The Dean's Office:
ul. Ks. J. Jałowego 24
35-959 Rzeszów,
+48 17 872 18 05 (to 09)


The foundations of the Faculty are associated with the creation of the Department of Education at the Rzeszów University of Pedagogy in 1969.  The Faculty had since 1986 existed as the Institute of Pedagogy and was transformed into an independent entity of the University of Rzeszów in 2001.

The number of students enrolled at the Faculty in the 2016/2017 academic year is over 1800.

There were 86 academic and teaching staff, including 86 professors employed at the Faculty as at the end of 2016.

Education takes place at both bachelor’s and master’s levels.

The Faculty is accredited to award the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Social Sciences in the field of Education.



Regular and part-time bachelor’s studies lasting 6 semesters.


  • Family Assistant
  • Assistant to persons with disabilities.

Regular master’s studies lasting 4 semesters.



Regular and part-time bachelor’s studies lasting 6 semesters.


  • Media Education
  • Child care and Up-bringing Education
  • Nursery and Early School Education
  • Work Pedagogy.
  • Rehabilitation Pedagogy
  • Education and Rehabilitation of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Nursery and Early School Education.
  • Career Counselling and Employment Agencies.  

Regular and Part-time master’s studies lasting 4 semesters.


  • Child care and Up-bringing Education.
  • Nursery and Early School Education.
  • Work Pedagogy
  • Rehabilitation Pedagogy