Cooperation with business


Interdisciplinary Centre for Computational Modelling pays special attention to adapting the teaching programme to the requirements and expectations of the labour market. At present, we cooperate with the biggest Polish companies in the IT and technological industries. We are open to cooperation and always ready to embark on new challenges.

The  areas of cooperation:

  • the process of teaching

            - apprenticeships

            - internships

            - free and paid lectures of the company`s employees

            - the joint elaboration  of  the diploma thesis

            - conducting the selected classes  for students

  • building of the graduate profile

           - consultations  of the graduate profile  in the profile in the field of Computer Science and Econometrics

           - consultations of the teaching programmes in the field of Computer Science and Econometrics

  • the other initiatives

          - the joint research and development  projects (R & D)

          - organization of special events