Scientific seminars

Scientific seminars   Scientific seminars

General Information:

In the academic year 2016/2017 the scientific seminar 


will start from 19st October 2016.  


This seminar is open, i.e. all persons interested in concurrency and novel artificial intelligence are kindly invited. Similarly as in the previous editions of the seminar the original research results, current trends and achievements in the range of seminar profile will be presented. 

The abstracts of  archive talks as well as the current seminar programme are available under the following address

At the same place the titles and abstracts of new talks will be presented.



The scientific seminar is conducted since 2001and is a result of joint initiative of the research group on "Rough Sets and Petri Nets"  and  Computer Science Commission of the Scientific Society in Rzeszów


Time and Place:

The seminar takes place in the room 243 (second floor) of  the Center for Innovation and Transfer of Natural Sciences and Engineering Knowledge of the University of Rzeszów (Uniwersyteckie Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Wiedzy Techniczno-Przyrodniczej), Rzeszów, 1 Prof. S. Pigonia Street, on Wednesdays, in hours: 12.00 – 14.00. 



Scientific seminars Leader of the Seminar
Prof. Zbigniew Suraj
University of Rzeszów
tel. 17 – 851 86 03
Scientific seminars Secretary of the Seminar
Dr. Eng. Piotr Lasek
University of Rzeszów
tel. 17 – 851 86 01