Reasons and aims behind the foundation of the Department:

A significant trend in the development of our contemporary society is widespread computerization of human activities. Hence the main aim of the Department is to conduct the research according to the actual trends of computer science development simultaneously in the aspect of hardware and software.  Additionally,  the Department creates the opportunity to acquire a solid computer science knowledge as well as skills for its practical applications. The development of computer science constitutes a significant element of the intellectual potential of Podkarpacie province.

The main aims of the Department include:

  • Organizing and conducting research in the field of computer science;
  • Educating of academic staff capable of taking part in the development of computer science and its application in other fields of knowledge and in practice and also training computer science teachers;
  • Educating computer specialists needed for economy, public administration, educational institutions and social life;
  • Enhancement of computer science education in other research and didactic units of the University of Rzeszów;
  • Cooperation with schools and the other educational and cultural institutions within the scope of teaching and popularizing computer science;
  • Cooperation with the institutions and economic units within the scope of educating computer science teachers for economy.