1.4 Lab of Materials Diagnostics and Defectoscopy


Ireneusz STEFANIUK, Prof. PhD, DSc.

Building A0, part B2, room 64

tel. +48 17 851 87 32

email: istef1.4 Lab of Materials Diagnostics and Defectoscopyur.edu.pl

The main objective of lab are materials and thin films and single crystals obtained in the laboratory. We test the following groups of materials: the materials forming the active layer, a layer of passive and smart materials with a high magnetocrystalline anisotropy. Study of new materials with magnetic shape memory. These studies are conducted in two ways magnetic properties using EPR spectrometer and while scanning calorimeter surface and subsurface defects using a magnetic flaw detector.   The laboratory test are defects in coatings and materials using standard flaw, as well as defects in the nano-scale using the EPR spectrometer. It is also carried out modeling of materials and study their properties for the purpose of spintronics and optoelectronics.