Research and cooperation

Research activity

  • econometric modelling and forecasting of market processes, with particular emphasis on logit and probit models, 
  • income and wealth inequality research and social inequalities, spatial variability and quality of life, 
  • studies of the effective and sustainable management of resources, 
  • the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the economy, 
  • economic aspects, determinants of development of the information society and electronic commerce,
  • examining the relationship between corporate governance and the financial condition of listed companies and the creation of value for shareholders,
  • analysis of the impact of cross-border areas in the processes of economic growth, 
  • the use of methods of multivariate comparative analysis in the analysis of complex phenomena (eg. EU countries, provinces, districts and Subcarpathian communes), 
  • the use of quantitative methods in regional, financial and marketing analyses, and research into the development of the information society and the digital economy. 

Local & regional cooperation

  • collaboration with regional institutions for preparing master thesis eg. Statistical Office in Rzeszów, 
  • cooperation with training companies (eg. Seka, Innowo) in providing training programs related to the use of computer technology at various levels, 
  • specialized courses for people outside the academic community within the framework of the project “Construction of the didactic potential of the University of Rzeszów on European level”
  • performing statistical analysis of primary data for individuals and entities with legal personality, 
  • cooperation with the Podkarpackie Marshal’s Office in terms of reviewing applications for a scholarship for graduate students and for the implementation of promotional activities. 

International Cooperation 

  • Academia cooperating with the Department of Quantitative Methods and Economic Informatics :
  • Ternopil Institute of Social and Information Technology, 
  • Institute of Business and New Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • University of Prešov in Prešov, 
  • College of International Business ISM Slovakia in Prešov, 
  • The Estearn European Slavic University in Uzhorod . 

Areas of international cooperation

  1. The organization of the International Scientific Conference “Information Society. Status and trends of development in the light of regional conditions”.
  2. Participation of foreign visitors in scientific conferences of the “Information Society. Status and trends of development in the light of regional conditions” organized by the Department of Quantitative Methods and Economic Informatics. 
  3. Participation of employees of the Department in the World Statistics Congress (China, Brazil) and international scientific conferences (including the Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy, Russia). 
  4. Internships and research and teaching trips (including the US, UK, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Norway, the Netherlands).