Research and Scientific Activity

Scientists in Chair of Microeconomics – apart from individual scientific research – realize collective, long-lasting research program which covers issues of socio-economic inequalities, economic growth and modernization of economy. Parrarell research program is focused on cognitive processes and values of modern theory of economics. 

Within the scientific profile the Chair realizes research within topics:

  • Social inequalities and economic growth – social aspects – socio-economic policy – institutional conditions.
  • Social inequalities and human and intellectual capital.
  • Knowledge-based economy.
  • Social inequalities and economic growth in the context of globalization and regionalization.
  • Socio-economic cohesion and modernization of economy.
  • Services in processes of integrated development.

Results of the research conducted in Chair of Microeconomics cover broad range of publications: individual and collective monographies, papers in Journal „Social Inequalities and Economic Growth” as well as in some other scientific journals and conference proceedings issued in Poland and abroad.

  • Since 2002 year the Chair has organised cyclical scientific conference entitled „Social inequalities and economic growth” that takes place yearly at the end of September at Faculty of Economics, University of Rzeszów.
  • In 2013 year Chair of Microeconomics, in collaboration with Chair of Applied Economics, Cracow University of Economics, inaugurated another conference cycle entitled “Economy of Poland”. The conference takes place every year in June at Cracow University of Economics.
  • A part of the scientific activity of Chair of Microeconomics covers open scientific discussions and lectures of acknowledged scientists. Since 2011 year they are supported by video-conference technology that allows persons outside the University to take part in the debate (videoseminars).
  • Chair of Microeconomics issues Scientific Journal „Social Inequalities and Economic Growth” which is designated by ISSN number: 1898-5084 and DOI number: 10.15584/nsawg. Journal was incorporated in part B of the list of scientific journals of Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Papers written by scientists from Poland and abroad as well as by local self-government and business representatives are published In the quarterly. Journal is indexed in: Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL),  IC Journals Master List (Index Copernicus), The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (CEJSH) and BazEkon. Papers are also available here.
Research and Scientific Activity