Department of Microeconomics

Head of Department

Professor Michał Gabriel Woźniak

History of Department

History of the Chair starts in 2002, when Chair of Theory of Economics, directed by professor Michał Gabriel Woźniak was established. Its research program since 2007 year had been continued by Chair of Theory of Economics and International Relations, and since 2014 year by Chair of Microeconomics.

Research and Scientific Activity

Profile of long-lasting scientific research conducted in Chair of Microeconomics covers issues of socio-economic inequalities, economic growth and processes of modernization of economy. The topic directs scientific discussion which is initiated by the Chair and takes place within organized yearly two cycles of conferences: “Social Inequalities and Economic Growth” and “Economy of Poland” as well as within seminars and videoconferences. Conclusions and postulates arising from research are presented e.g. in Journal “Social Inequalities and Economic Growth” that has been issued by the Chair since 2003 year and is a widely approved scientific quarterly, included in the list of journals evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


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