Professor Wiesława Kuźniar

Contact details

  • telephone: 17 872 16 15 or 17 872 16 01
  • e-mail:
  • address: ul. M. Ćwiklińskiej 2, 35-601 Rzeszów, Office: D1-311


  • Professor 


  • Head of the Department 
  • Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and Education

Teaching experience

  • Fundamentals of Marketing 
  • Territorial Marketing
  • Seminar 

Thematic scope of research

  • Consumers on the market and factors shaping their attitudes and behaviours, with special attention given to consumers’ engagement in the process of co-creating product’s value
  • Marketing activity of territorial units in the context of local and regional development, with special attention given to rural areas being attractive from tourist point of view
  • JEL Codes:  M30 , R58, L30, L83, 

Completed grants

  • Post doctoral grant: Obszary aktywności marketingowej jednostki terytorialnej i ich oddziaływanie na rozwój turystyki wiejskiej (Areas of marketing activities of a territorial unit and their impact on development of rural tourism on the example of Podkarpackie province) - a grant funded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education  – project managed by Dr. W. Kuźniar. Realization period 2010-2012.

International activity

  • Study visit in frames of the programme „Budowa potencjału dydaktycznego Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego na poziomie europejskim” UNIVERSITY OF DERBY Business, Computing and Law Faculty The Derbyshire Business School, 24.09.2010-01.10.2010.
  • Didactic workshops, The Vienna University Economics and Business, Institute for International Economics and Development Department of Economics, Austria, 19-23.10.2015.

Functions and activities in scientific bodies

  • Expert in Institute of Management and Quality Development (Instytyt Zarządzania i Rozwoju Jakości) in Katowice, 
  • Chapter member of  All-Poland Contest for Quality Mark „Przyjazny  Urząd”   2015.
  • Membership in societies and scientific organizations:
  • member of Polish Sceintific Society of Marketing (Polskie Naukowe Towarzystwo Marketingu), 
  • member of Polish Economic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne),
  • member of Podkarpackie Association of Organization and Management (Podkarpackie  Stowarzyszenie Organizacji i Zarządzania)