Main research fields


The research subjects concentrates on the following issues:

  • vital processes occurring in cells, tissues and throughout the whole plants
  • heredity traits of crops
  • methods and ways to protect plants against diseases
  • biosynthesis and biotransformation processes involving the microorganisms, tissue cultures and enzymes, receiving the so-called  bioproducts
  • nutrition and conditions related to the quality of life
  • study on production, use and storage of the energy by a living cell
  • study of environmental conditions in terms of health and nutrition
  • breeding of food for direct consumption and for processing
  • technical and technological solutions enhancing innovation and competitiveness of food producers
  • formation of nutritional value and food health safety
  • development of food market in Poland in the context of changes in consumer behavior (organic food, functional food)
  • formation and protection of the natural environment
  • technologies of management of waste and biomass for energy in the context of the energy policy of the country.