Faculty of Biology and Agriculture


Organizational Structure


Department of  Agrobiology and Environmental Protection

Department of  Agroecology

Department of  Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Department of  Bioenergetics and Food Analysis

Department of  Biological Basis of Agriculture and Environmetal Education

Department of  Biotechnology and Microbiology 

Department of Botany

Department of Chemistry and Food Toxicology

Department of Ecology and Environmetal Biology

Department of Soil Science, Environmental Chemistry, and Hygrology

Department of Food and Agriculture Production Engineering

Department of  Crop Poduction

Department of Food Technology and Human Nutrition

Department of  Animal Production and Poultry Products Evaluation

Department of  Processing and Agricultural Commodity

Department of  Zoology

Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Physiology and Plant Biotechnology

Department of  Regional Policy and Food Economy

Department of Dairy Technology



Independent organisational sub-units


Faculty Experimental Station in Krasne

Faculty Laboratory for Analysis of Environment Health and Materials of Agricultural Origin

Faculty Microscopic Laboratory

Faculty Computer Laboratory for Landscape Design