About the College

The College of Social Sciences is an organisational unit of the University of Rzeszów, in operation since 1 October 2019. The College comprises the former Faculties: the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Pedagogy, the Faculty of Law and Administration and two units of the Faculty of Sociology and History, i.e. the Institute of Sociology and the Institute of Political Science.

Within the College, research and teaching activities are conducted by:

  • Institute of Economics and Finance

  • Institute of Legal Studies
  • Institute of Political Science

  • Institute of Sociological Sciences
  • Institute of Pedagogy

  • Institute of Psychology

The College implements the rights of the University of Rzeszów to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in the field of social sciences in the discipline of:

  • economics and finance

  • political science and administration

  • legal sciences

  • sociological sciences

  • pedagogy

The College of Social Sciences offers studies in 16 fields of study (all in Polish language):

  • Administration

  • Internal Security

  • Economics

  • Finance and accounting

  • Family studies

  • Pedagogy

  • Pre-primary and early childhood pedagogy

  • Psychology
  • Special needs pedagogy

  • Political science

  • Social work

  • Law

  • Sociology

  • European studies

  • Urban studies

  • International relations

Administrative units of the College:

  • Office of the College of Social Sciences

  • Dean's Office of the College of Social Sciences

  • Secretariats of the Institutes