In terms of discipline of legal sciences, the Institute of Legal Sciences holds A category. The Scientific Council of the Colllege of Social Sciences of the University of Rzeszów is entitled to confer the doctoral and post-doctoral degree in the discipline of legal sciences.

The research activity is based first and foremost around the theoretical, general and historical aspects of legal sciences. Within the Institute, there are four research projects of high priority (the civil and legal boundaries of constitutional rights and freedoms, the political and legal concepts and institutions in historical and modern perspective, the implementation of private law institution into public law on the example of selected issues, the local government on the citizens’ service) and several others of less priority.

The Institute publishes two scientific journals, namely Acta Iuridica Resoviensia, the Scientific Journals of the University of Rzeszów (previously the Scientific Journals of the University of Rzeszów. Legal Series) and Ius of Administratio.


On top of that, the Institute and its staff collaborate with the social and economic establishments (the Police, the Rzeszów Diocese, the Province Governor’s Office, the Marshal’s Office, the Regional Inspection of Prison Service in Lublin, the Rzeszów Agency of Regional Development) in terms of practical aspects and formal and legal effects of refugee mass migration, but also the experience of uniformed services connected with the influx of immigrants to the Podkarpackie region.

In addition, the Institute cooperates with the Voivodeship Labour Office and the local governments as well as the employers in the scope of experience and challenges to be faced by the legislator due to introducing the possibility of remote work to the Labour Code. It should also be reported that the Laboratory of Criminology and Criminalistics at the Institute drafts expert opinions on criminology when asked by the court or the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Institute staff with the members of ELSA Rzeszów join forces on large scale in terms of aviation and space law, inter alia with the representatives of the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, not to mention the representatives of legal and medical professions concerning medical law. The outcomes of the collaboration with social and economic establishments are numerous papers, organising not only scientific conferences with practitioners but also seminars and workshops.