Research grants

No. Grant name Source Manager Cost Until
1 Antiviral properties of varietal honeys from Podkarpacie, especially of Podkarpacki Honeydew Honey NCN dr Dorota Grabek-Lejko 48 901,00 zł ITŻiŻ
2 Modulation of insulin secretion and ER stress response by 5-methylcytosine RNA methyltransferases in pancreatic beta cells in vitro NCN dr inż. Jagoda Adamczyk-Grochala 49 995,00 zł IBB
3 Extramitochondrial generation of reactive oxygen species and energy metabolism in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells NCN dr inż. Roman Maślanka 49 940,00 zł IBB
4 Synthesis of shape-controlled nanoframes-based PtRu catalysts - determination of the dependence between shape of nanocatalysts and electrochemical activity in ethanol oxidation reaction NCN dr inż. Grzegorz Gruzeł 426 413,00 zł INF
5 The role of mitochondrial energy metabolism in shaping the quality of berry fruit during storage in ozone-enriched atmosphere NCN dr inż. Tomasz Piechowiak 205 212,00 zł ITŻiŻ
6 High resolution Fourier transform emission spectroscopy of the InH and InD radical and experimental support for advanced ab initio calculations for these molecules NCN dr hab. Wojciech Szajna, prof. UR 47 740,00 zł INF
7 Regulatory mechanism involved in riboflavin overproduction in the flavinogenic yeast Candida famata NCN prof. dr hab. Andriy Sybirnyy 975 600,00 zł IBB
8 Preparation of vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) by fermentation with bacteria Bacillus subtillis - optimization and modification of the process NCN dr inż. Magdalena Słowik-Borowiec 49 500,00 zł IBB
9 The development of an optimal method of obtaining extracts from green fruit and walnut leaves (Juglans regia) with high biological activity NCN dr inż. Michał Miłek 35 200,00 zł ITŻiŻ
10 Investigations of high resolution spectra of translucent interstellar clouds and laboratory spectra of transition metal sulfides NCN prof. dr hab. Jacek Krełowski 687 600,00 zł INF
11 The role of DNMT2 methyltransferase in the regulation of genomic plasticity in cancer cells NCN dr hab. Maciej Wnuk, prof. UR 1 432 920,00 zł IBB
12 Synergistic effect of alternating magnetic field and light conversion within Ist and IInd biological optical window on nanostructural ferrites for modern thermal therapies of neoplastic diseases NCN dr hab. Robert Pązik, prof. UR 1 873 116,00 zł IBB
13   NCN dr hab. inż. Anna Koziorowska, prof. UR   IBB
14 The role of transcription factors in regulation of glucose and xylose metabolism and fermentation in the non-conventional yeast Ogataea polymorpha Ogataea polymorpha. NCN prof. dr hab. Andriy Sybirnyy 841 400,00 zł IBB
15 Quantum transport in nanostructures made of HgTe/HgCdTe topological insulators NCN dr inż. Ewa Bobko 99 400,00 zł IIM
16 Traditional gathering of wild edible plants in the Dalmatian Islands NCN dr hab. Łukasz Łuczaj, prof. UR 180 440,00 zł IBB
17 Identification of genes controlling brain development through genomic analysis of patients with microcephaly NCN Partner UR: dr Sławomir Bartoszewski Całość:1 IBB
539 596,00 zł
UR: 56 960,00 zł
18 The role of post-translational non-enzymatic modifications of proteins in the regulation of RAP1 in pancreatic β-cells NCN dr inż. Anna Deręgowska 49 500,00 zł IBB
19 The role of 5-methylcytosine RNA methyltransferases in the regulation of cancer cell responses to extracellular and exogenous RNA NCN dr hab. Anna Lewińska, prof. UR 1 629 200,00 zł IBB
20 Electrospun nanofiber-based nanoplatform for delivery of new nutraceutical derivatives to eliminate chemotherapy-induced senescent breast cancer cells NCN dr hab. Maciej Wnuk, prof. UR 2 191 240,00 zł IBB
21 NCN program for scientists from Ukraine to continue research in Poland NCN dr inż. Inna Bobel 110 000,00 zł ITŻiŻ
1 Implementation of the results of R&D works to launch the production of an innovative functional drink based on honey powder enriched with bioactive plant ingredients POPW dr hab. Małgorzata Dżugan, prof. UR 15 991 780,00 zł ITŻiŻ
2 Innovative technology of berry fruit production on the example of raspberries with an increased content of bioactive compounds and increased commercial value ARMiR prof. dr hab. inż. Maciej Balawejder (Zadania UR) 3 039 102,00 zł ITŻiŻ
3 An innovative method of improving the post-harvest microbiological status and shelf life of cranberries ARMiR dr hab. Natalia Matłok, prof. UR 520 787,00 zł INROiKŚ
4   NCBiR Kierownik z UR:  dr Michał Marchewka 9 976 032,72 zł IIM
5 Developed soluble extracts from fruit enriched by the ozonation process PARP prof. dr hab inż. Maciej Balawejder 418 200,00 zł ITŻiŻ