The “Farming with nature” course – cooperation with the Dutch HAS University of Applied Sciences for agriculture, food and living environment

The Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Protection and Environmental Management in cooperation with the Dutch HAS green academy has been conducting pilot field activities since May 31st 2023 as part of the "Farming with Nature" course (agriculture in cooperation with nature).

The Polish-Dutch cooperation aims to provide students, the future farmers and researchers with inspiration for better linking agricultural activities (agronomy, grazing, agroforestry, food processing, etc.) with local natural and ecological conditions and the local landscape.

The location of the University of Rzeszów enables the contact and cooperation with farmers representing a very wide spectrum agricultural models from a conventional model (intensive, comparable to the Dutch model) after the remains of a traditional, multifunctional and self-sufficient small farm.

Dr hab. inż. Andrzej Bobiec, prof. UR, dr inż. arch. kraj. Agata Gajdek, dr inż. arch. Anna Sołtysik, dr Karol Skrobacz and mgr inż. Tomasz Lechowski (PhD student) from the University of Rzeszów take part in this course.

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