Main Research Areas

Functional analysis and its applications:

- Theory of linear-topological spaces over non-Archimedean fields and the theory of linear operators on these spaces;

- Asymptotic theory and topology of infinite-dimensional manifolds

prof. dr hab. Wiesław Śliwa - leader
prof. dr hab. Mykhaylo Zarichnyy

Selected problems of Function Theory:

- Geometric theory of analytical and harmonic functions;

- Conformal mappings and their generalizations;

- Analytical functions of several variables in Mathematical Physics)

prof. dr hab. Ołeh Łopuszański - leader

dr hab. Jacek Dziok, prof. UR,
dr hab. Rostyslav Hryniv, prof. UR,
dr hab. Stanisława Kanas, prof. UR,
dr hab. Janusz Sokół, prof. UR,
dr Edyta Trybucka

Functional Equations:

- Applications of functional equations and inequalities in decision analysis

dr hab. Jacek Chudziak, prof. UR - leader
dr Małgorzata Chudziak,
dr Ewa Rak,
dr Sebastian Wójcik,
mgr Patryk Rela

Theory of differential Equations:

- Nonlinear and initial boundary value problems for differential equations

dr hab. Mirosława Zima, prof. UR - leader
dr Piotr Drygaś,
mgr Gabriela Szajnowska