About the Institute

The Institute of Mathematics is an organizational unit of the College of Natural Sciences of the University of Rzeszów. The institute employs 21 academic teachers, including 3 with the title of a professor, 6 with a post-doctoral degree, 10 with a doctor’s degree (PhD) and 2 with a master’s degree, 1 administrative worker and 1 engineering and technical worker.

There are four departments in the structure of the Institute of Mathematics:

  1. Department of Functional Analysis
  2. Department of Complex Analysis
  3. Department of Applied Mathematics
  4. Department of Functional Equations

Research topics include, among others:

  • The structure of Frechet spaces over non-Archimedean valued fields and the theory of operators on these spaces
  • Topological and linear-topological properties of spaces of continuous functions on topological spaces
  • Topology of infinite-dimensional manifolds
  • Best approximation and operator calculus on Banach spaces
  • Geometric theory of analytic and harmonic functions
  • Conformal mappings and their generalizations
  • Nonlinear boundary and initial value problems for ordinary differential equations
  • Applications of functional equations and inequalities in decision analysis

The Institute of Mathematics provides academic and teaching staff to conduct classes in the field of mathematics at the College of Natural Sciences. The field of study has been positively assessed by the Polish Accreditation Committee at the level of first and second- cycle studies with a general academic profile. The programme team, under the leadership of the deputy director of the Institute, ensures the high quality of education in this field. There is a student Mathematicians' Scientific Group at the Institute.

The Institute of Mathematics cooperates with the Statistical Office in Rzeszów in the field of joint scientific research projects and the exchange of information on planned research ventures.

As part of cooperation with the Sub-Carpathian Teacher Education Centre in Rzeszów, the Institute participates in the organization of conferences, workshops and lectures for teachers of mathematics and students of schools at various levels of education.