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Scientific and teaching staff

Znamirowska A.jpg [92.62 KB]

Agata Znamirowska-Piotrowska Associate Professor

Head of Department of Dairy Technology

phone: +48(17) 785 49 61/49 03

room 208, building D10 or
room 250  building D9         

2D Cwiklinskiej St.                    
35-601 Rzeszów

  • physicochemical, cytological and microbiological properties of milk from different animal species based on breed, physiological and environmental factors;
  • effect of polysaccharides and probiotic cultures addition on rheological properties and microbiological quality of dairy products;
  • innovative fermented milk with bioactive compounds;
  • utilization of whey in functional beverages production;
  • application of probiotics, prebiotics, microelements and vitamins in ice cream production;

Kalicka D..jpg [39.90 KB]

Dorota Kalicka Eng. Ph.D.


phone:+48(17) 785 49 05

room 5, building D10

2D Cwiklinskiej St.                 
35-601 Rzeszów

  • effect of sweeteners on the fermentation process and survival of yoghurt and probiotic microflora and the stability and sensory characteristics of dairy products;
  • effect of botanical extracts on milk coagulation and cheese ripening;
  • analysis of the quality of organic milk and organic dairy products;


Magdalena Buniowska-Olejnik Eng. Ph.D.


phone: +48(17) 785 49 02

room 202, building D10

2D Cwiklinskiej St.                  
35-601 Rzeszów

  • use of in vitro gastrointestinal models for nutrient bioavailability studies;
  • evaluation of the level and potential bioavailability of minerals in foods;
  • evaluation of bioavailability of selected bioactive compounds at each stage of simulated digestion and characterization of their nutritional properties;
  • use of sensory analysis methods in the evaluation of food products;
  • functional foods;

Szajnar K..jpg [224.37 KB]

Katarzyna Szajnar Eng. Ph.D.


phone: +48(17) 785 49 61/49 03

room 208, building D10

2D Cwiklinskiej St.                     
35-601 Rzeszów

  • fortification of fermented milk with mineral compounds;
  • use of dietary fibers in the production of functional beverages;
  • effect of applied starter cultures on fermented milk quality;
  • bacterial viability and sensory analysis in milk fermented by probiotic monocultures;

Pawlos M..jpg [85.88 KB]

Małgorzata Pawlos Eng. Ph.D.


phone: +48(17) 785 49 61/49 03

room 5, building D10

2D Cwiklinskiej St.                    
35-601 Rzeszów

  • factors affecting the quality of raw milk from different animal species;
  • use of mineral compounds in the manufacture of cheese and fermented milk;
  • developing technologies for the manufacture of functional dairy products from goat's and sheep's milk;
  • organic and traditional foods;

Technical staff

Kowalczyk M..jpg [79.57 KB]

Magdalena Kowalczyk Eng. M.Sc.

phone: +48(17) 785 49 03

room 1 or 202, building D10

2D Cwiklinskiej St.             
35-601 Rzeszów

  • survival of probiotic bacteria during storage of ice cream and fermented milk;
  • application of prebiotics in the production of ice cream from milk of different animal species;

Ph.D. Students


Kamil Szopa Eng. M.Sc.


2D Cwiklinskiej St.             
35-601 Rzeszów