About the Institute

The Institute of Food Technology and Nutrition was established on October 1, 2019 by the decision of the Senate of the University of Rzeszów. The unit was separated from the Faculty of Biology and Agriculture, which was established in 2005 on the basis and experience of the Branch of the Krakow Agricultural University, founded in 1973, as the first academic institution of this type located in south-eastern Poland. Until 2019, the Faculty was one of the few research and teaching units in Poland whose activity profile focused complementarily on agricultural and natural sciences.

Currently, the Institute employs 6 full professors, 9 associate professors, 26 assistant professors (with a Ph.D. degree), 11 assistants (with a Master's degree) and 13 engineering and technical employees.

The Institute consists of 7 units:
- Department of Bioenergetics, Food Analysis and Microbiology
- Department of General Food Technology and Human Nutrition
- Department of Food Chemistry and Toxicology
- Department of Animal Production and Evaluation of Poultry Products
- Department of Agricultural Processing and Commodity Science
- Department of Dairy Technology Laboratory of Analytical Biochemistry