About the Institute

The Institute of Biology within the structure of the College of Natural Sciences was established on April 1, 2023, following the decision of the Senate of the University of Rzeszów to separate a larger organizational unit: the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology. The Institute thus returned to its original name from 1996, the period of the inception of the biology program at our university.

The Institute of Biology is a unique unit in the scale of the southeastern region of Poland, conducting interdisciplinary research in the field of biology and educating young students in the biology program.

The position of the Institute's Director is held by Dr. Hab. Konrad Leniowski, Prof. UR.

The Institute of Biology is authorized to conduct education at the undergraduate level (3-year bachelor's degree), graduate level (2-year master's degree) in the field of Biology, and doctoral studies in the doctoral school in the discipline of biological sciences.

The high assessment of the scientific and didactic activities is attributed to the employees of the Institute. Currently, the Institute employs 2 full professors, 10 associate professors (holding the title of Dr. Hab.), 4 assistant professors (with a doctoral degree), 6 scientific and technical staff, including 5 with a doctoral degree, and 5 engineering-technical staff.

The research activity of the Institute is closely related to the educational program and is based on active student participation in scientific research. Students have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of research projects obtained by the Institute's employees and during scientific internships in Polish and foreign scientific centers. The result of this cooperation is scientific papers with the participation of students in renowned journals from the JCR (Journal Citation Reports) list.

The research conducted at the Institute of Biology is funded by competitive grants from the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and the Podkarpackie Innovation Center.

Scientifically active students have the opportunity to pursue individualized, interdisciplinary education and participate in international cooperation. The educational collaboration includes scientific internships under various scholarship programs.

The authorities and employees of the Institute pay special attention to scientific development, conducting research and development work in cooperation with other scientific units and economic entities (international and national cooperation).