9. Laboratory of Applied Mathematics

The scientific activity of the laboratory

The purpose of the Laboratory  of Applied Mathematics was to build a technical infrastructure that would allow the rrealisation of the assumed research tasks; including the development of functional analysis theory, probabilistics and stochastic analysis, complex analysis, topology, differential equations, lattice theory and Boolean algebras. In addition, the purchased equipment of the Laboratory enables the construction of new theories of approximate methods, as well as the implementation of tasks in the field of stochastic analysis in financial markets, applications of mathematical and statistical theories and practical statistical analyzes in social, educational, financial, economic, technical and biomedical sciences. One of the basic strengths of the Laboratory is human capital. We have professional scientific and research staff, confirmed by rich scientific and didactic achievements, i.e. many scientific and didactic publications and participation in prestigious conferences and seminars in the field of mathematics, the application of mathematical and statistical theories and practical statistical analyzes in social, educational, financial and economic sciences , technical and biomedical.

The laboratory offers comprehensive and professional analyzes of stochastic processes in various areas of mathematics application, in particular in modeling processes: in nano- and biostructures, in technical sciences, economics and finance. In addition, the Laboratory offers a wide range of training and postgraduate studies in the use of stochastic and statistical methods and mathematics. In its assumption, the laboratory also supports the preparation of students to work as analysts, designers and programmers, and supports their independent research work based on modern equipment and software.


The Laboratory includes the following laboratories:

9.1. Laboratory  of Approximate Methods

9.2. Laboratory of Stochastic Processes

9.3. Laboratory of Statistical Methods


key equipment

The laboratory is equipped with a system of servers and devices supporting the operation of computers in all laboratories. Multi-station computer labs are equipped with specialized software in the field of information technology, statistics, economics and engineering, including SAS system, Statistica, SPSS packages and Mathematica, MathCAD, Matlab, Maple, Adobe Design & Web Premium PL programs. This software allows not only to conduct professional scientific research but also to conduct trainings, seminars, courses in the field of mathematical sciences and their applications.


Head of the Laboratory


key publications



The laboratory cooperates with the Educational Research Institute in Warsaw, the Statistical Office in Rzeszów and the PEKAO S.A. bank, using its qualifications to analyze and evaluate both research tools and research results. In addition, employees of the Laboratory cooperate with scientists conducting research in various fields of science. Thanks to the purchased equipment and software, we have great opportunities to cooperate with various institutions that use statistical and mathematical analyses. Professional staff guarantees high quality of research and analysis. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us by e-mail at one of the following addresses: skanas@ur.edu.pl, bpekala@ur.edu.pl, erak@ur.edu.pl, smincheva@ur.edu.pl