NNW insurance

Dear Students,

thanks to the cooperation with the broker Mentor S.A., we present the offer of the Insurance Company InterRisk S.A. for accident insurance and liability insurance for students of the University of Rzeszow in three variants, corresponding to the needs of each of you.

  • Basic variant, (premium - 27 PLN/year)
  • Dedicated variant for physical education students, (premium - 33 zł/year)
  • A variant dedicated to medical students. (premium - 45 zł/year)

Group accident insurance for students of the University of Rzeszow guarantees year-round protection for the insured person in case of accidents, serious illnesses and many other events, as well as reimbursement of medical expenses and hospital stay as a result of an accident, all from PLN 27 for the whole year of protection! Detailed insurance terms and conditions can be found at ur.mentor.pl

NNW insurance (and third-party liability insurance for medical students) is also important due to the
of the frequent obligation to have in-kind insurance during mandatory student internships.

How to purchase insurance?

  • via a dedicated website for insurance sales: ur.mentor.pl
  • stationary in the Education Department of the University of Rzeszow at Rejtana 16 C, Main Building A1, room 38 (first floor) ( from 8 am to 3 pm)


If you would like more information on insurance coverage or how to purchase, please visit ur.mentor.pl or contact your Mentor S.A. broker. Jakub Rzeźniczek - jakub.rzezniczek@mentor.pl , tel. 17 283 94 20.