Department of Photomedicine and Physical Chemistry

Dr hab. n. med. David Aebisher, prof. UR

Head of department
Dr. David Aebisher, Prof. UR
Associate Dean
Phone: +48 17 8516855



Institute of Medical Sciences, College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow.

Building G4, room 225, Warzywna 1A, 35-310 Rzeszów



dr n. o. zdr. inż. Zuzanna Bober,, e-mail:

dr n. o zdr. inż. Łukasz Ożóg, e-mail:

Engineering and technical employee: inż. Lidia Bieniasz

Engineering and technical employee: mgr inż. Adrian Truszkiewicz

Scientific and technical employee: mgr Dominika Leś



Research in the Department of Photomedicine and Physical Chemistry focuses on the photochemical and spectroscopic aspects of generating reactive oxygen species to eliminate cancer cells and the use of reactive oxygen species as antimicrobial agents.

Current projects include the measurement of photoconsumption of oxygen in tumor tissue using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and the synthesis of photosensitizing contrast agents dedicated to molecular imaging.

Work is also underway on an assay based on the chemiluminescent generation of singlet oxygen and the measurement of chemical, light and electrical fluorescence and phosphorescence. Other work in our group focuses on enzymatic assays of cancer biomarkers, the role of metalloproteinases in Crohn's disease, monoclonal antibody treatment of Ulcerative Colitis, and pathomorphological studies induced by photochemical changes in breast, prostate and kidney cancer.


FluoTime 300 -Spektrometr Fluorescencyjny Rzeszow medical University Poland zaklad-fotomedycyny - Rzeszow medical University Poland
FluoTime 300 -Fluorescence Spectrometer Department of Photomedicine



Application of laser techniques in medicine
Information systems in medicine



2018 - Grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education - award of funds for the purchase of nucleus and research equipment constituting a large research infrastructure for 2018.

Project Title: "Optimization of deep tissue photodynamic therapy by measuring fluorescence lifetime".



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