About the Institute

The Institute of Medical Sciences began its activities on October 1, 2019 under Resolution No. 469/09/2019 of the Senate of the University of Rzeszow dated September 26, 2019. Currently, it operates on the basis of the Statute of the University of Rzeszow dated November 28, 2019, adopted under Resolution No. 505/11/2019 of the Senate of the University of Rzeszow, as amended on November 28, 2019.


Currently, the structure of the Institute of Medical Sciences consists of:

  • Department of Internal Medicine,
  • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Department of Morphological Sciences
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Department of Biochemistry and General Chemistry
  • Department of Biology, Department of Surgery
  • Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Department of Infectious Diseases
  • Department of Dermatology
  • Department of Imaging Diagnostics and Nuclear Medicine
  • Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
  • Department of Photomedicine and Physical Chemistry
  • Department of Human Physiology
  • Department of General and Clinical Genetics
  • Department of Hematology
  • Department of Human Immunology
  • Department of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care
  • Department of Forensic Medicine and Medical Law
  • Department of Microbiology
  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Oncology, Radiation Therapy and Translational Medicine
  • Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Department of Otolaryngology
  • Department of Human Pathophysiology,
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cancer and Translational Research
  • Laboratory of Medical Didactics and Knowledge Evaluation
  • Laboratory of Family Medicine, Laboratory of Social Sciences
  • Laboratory of Neurosurgery
  • Ophthalmology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Rehabilitation

The following majors are conducted within the Institute of Medical Sciences:

  • Medical analytics - 5-year uniform master's degree studies conducted in Polish.
  • Electro-radiology - bachelor's degree full-time studies,
  • Medical Studies - 6-year uniform master's degree studies full-time and part-time, studies conducted in Polish and English (full-time mode).

The bachelor's degree in electro-radiology ends with the degree of engineer. Studies in the field of medicine last 6 years and end with obtaining the professional title of doctor. After obtaining the degree, there is a possibility of continuing education at postgraduate studies or at the Doctoral School.

Clinical bases where Students take classes include:

  • Frederic Chopin University Clinical Hospital in Rzeszow
  • St. Jadwiga the Queen Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów
  • Independent Public Health Care Complex No. 1 in Rzeszow
  • Medical Center in Łańcut Ltd
  • Podkarpackie Center for Lung Diseases

The Institute of Medical Sciences is a thriving unit. The Institute conducts scientific activities within the discipline of medical sciences.

The unit is authorized to confer the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.