Insights from Economic History: 12 Conversations for Difficult Times

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Insights from Economic History: 12 Conversations for Difficult Times


Principal investigator - dr Jarosław Kinal

Duration of the project - 1.10.2023 - 30.09.2025

The project was partially financed from the government budget
Financing institution - Ministry of Science and Higher Education / Social Responsibility of Science Programme II

Project value - 232 500,00 PLN
Funding value - 209 000,00 PLN

Project description
The primary aim of the project is to raise awareness of economic history and highlight Polish economic accomplishments through a series of engaging video podcasts, a medium that is extensively used in English-speaking countries to promote knowledge. As the content will be offered both in Polish and English, we aim to attract both Polish and international audiences. The project involves the preparation of twelve 30-minute episodes featuring conversations between research experts in economic and social history and scholars from the Department of Economic and Social History at the University of Rzeszów. This initiative seeks to pave the way for further development of this format following successful implementation. To ensure broad accessibility, the recordings will be distributed through a designated landing page to educational institutions in Poland (local educational authorities, secondary schools, and universities) as well as Polish organizations and schools worldwide (based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ database). Additionally, to improve the visibility of the project, it will be actively promoted in the press and online portals, catering to the needs of various audiences. The paramount objective is to raise historical and economic awareness among Generation Z by delivering engaging content that resonates with the unique interests of those individuals. The content will also be suitable for teachers, social activists, museum workers, and other enthusiasts of socio-economic history. All materials will be freely available online, fostering widespread access and the promotion of knowledge.

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