Edition of the diaries written by Franciszek Salezy Gawroński (1787-1871)

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Edition of the diaries written by Franciszek Salezy Gawroński (1787-1871)


Principal investigator - dr hab. Kazimierz Maciąg, prof. UR

Duration of the project - 27.03.2024 - 27.06.2027

The project was partially financed from the government budget
Financing institution - Ministry of Science and Higher Education / National Programme for the Development of Humanities

Project value - 478 309,97 PLN
Funding value - 478 309,97 PLN

Project description
The objective of this project is to prepare a 4-volume edition of the diaries written by Franciszek Salezy Gawronski (1878–1871), who was a Napoleonic soldier, a participant in the November Uprising, a political activist in the Republic of Krakow, and above all, an extremely talented writer, whose diaries document his extensive contacts with prominent cultural and political figures of his era. The planned edition covers all of the preserved works of the author, including a scientific revision of his diaries spanning up to the November Uprising (published in 1916), as well as the notes that have yet not been published or were published only in small fragments. These unpublished materials include a diary chronicling his travels around Europe (1839–1841) and Galician diaries written between 1832 and 1869.
This publication, available in both traditional and online formats, will be a vital source of information on prominent social and political figures of the 19th century, facilitating the correction of their biographies. It will also contribute to our understanding of many significant social events in which the author actively participated. Furthermore, the publication will serve as an excellent example of the diverse literary landscape of the 19th century, as the author had a unique way of describing the events he witnessed. Gawronski paid much attention to the background of the events he described, and his narrative style was highly reportorial, laconic, and linguistically different from other diaries written in his era.