Central European Congress of Modernization. History-Media-Culture

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Central European Congress of Modernization. History-Media-Culture


Principal investigator - dr Jarosław Kinal

Duration of the project - 1.10.2023 - 30.09.2025

The project was partially financed from the government budget
Financing institution - Ministry of Science and Higher Education / Excellent Science Programme II

Project value - 243 400,00 PLN
Funding value - 218 900,00 PLN

Project description
The purpose of this project is to organize and initiate the Central European Congress of Modernization, devoted to an interdisciplinary study of the modernization processes occurring in Central and Eastern Europe throughout history. One of the key objectives of the initiative is to create an open-access database to showcase the findings presented at the event, which will be accessible on a dedicated online platform. Moreover, the project involves the publication of the results in the form of peer-reviewed monographs in Polish and English. The hope is that the Congress will serve as a forum where scholars representing various disciplines, such as economic and social history, economics, cultural and religious studies, social communication, media studies, philosophy, and pedagogy, and different scientific communities (including those from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, and the Balkan countries), can engage in international research projects. This collaborative effort will primarily focus on examining the economic and social modernization processes in the region, as well as recognizable developmental trends within Central and Eastern Europe in terms of history, culture, and media. The presentations and workshops will be held during a two-day hybrid academic meeting, with the possibility of both in-person and online participation. Additionally, two scientific monographs will be published to showcase the most promising research projects presented at the Congress.

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