Activities of the Centre

The Centre currently offers various courses in Polish as a foreign language and Polish culture for individual learners and institutions. We conduct courses from basic to advanced levels, as well as preparatory courses for foreigners wishing to study in Poland.

The offer for individual learners and the recruitment details can be found at:

For inquiries regarding the organisation of courses for institutions and groups, please contact the Centre at:

Phone: +48 17 872 12 77

From 2000 to 2023, the Centre organised the following courses for external entities:

  • three year-long courses to prepare the recipients of the NAWA General Anders for Polonia Programme for studying in Poland;
  • 880 hours of Polish language course for the 30 recipients of the K. Kalinowski government scholarship programme ‘Solidarity with Belarus’;
  • five online courses in Polish culture and language for more than 500 students and academic staff from Ukrainian universities. The courses were funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kyiv;
  • a Polish language course for Ukrainian students as part of the ‘Solidarity with Ukraine’ project;
  • two Polish language courses for the participants of the WUP project in Rzeszow;
  • a Polish language course for participants of the EU project ‘New Opportunities for Adult Education’ (FRSE and IBE grant).