Research projects carried out at the Institute of Music focus on various aspects of vocal, instrumental, and vocal-instrumental performances, including their reception. The aim of these projects is to analyse and interpret performance issues encountered by artists and performers of various musical forms and genres. Additionally, much attention is devoted to the theoretical consideration of music education, psychology of music, composition and theory of music, and musical and cultural heritage (with special interest in South-eastern Poland). The Institute publishes several book series and monographs, including 'Music in the pedagogical, social and cultural contexts. Studies and sketches', 'Jews in the musical culture of Galicia', 'Moderato', 'Animato', and 'Musica Galiciana. The musical culture of Galicia in the context of Polish-Ukrainian relations'. The Musica Galiciana series was initiated as the result of more than 25 years of international scientific conferences devoted to the study of the musical history and heritage of Galicia.