The Interdisciplinary Center for Preclinical and Clinical Research is an undertaking that will meet the demand for many research tasks related to experiments on animals, in particular large, but also small rodents such as mice, rats and rabbits. In the Podkarpackie Voivodship, there is no possibility to carry out research related to in vivo experiments, and according to the conducted market research, there is a large demand for them. In addition, it is an infrastructure that enables multi-directional and comprehensive research by creating laboratories that carry out research tasks in various directions and fields of medical, biotechnological or nutritional knowledge.

The Interdisciplinary Center for Preclinical and Clinical Research of the University of Rzeszów in Werynia is equipped with experimental/diagnostic/operational facilities for animals, rooms for mice, rats, rabbits and pigs as well as specialist diagnostic and research equipment, laboratory facilities and highly qualified scientific staff. A team of scientists with many years of experience in the field of performing operational experiments on large animals, e.g. in the field of animal reproduction, immunology, pharmacology and molecular biology, as well as the impact of electromagnetic fields on cells and tissues in in vitro cultures. Our goal is to provide services and scientific cooperation including individual assistance in planning experiments, performing a wide range of research using animal models (in situ, in vivo) and cell-tissue (in vitro) and advanced analysis. We also provide consultations as part of our current scientific cooperation with a group of outstanding specialists in, among others, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology as well as animal bioengineering. The newly built Interdisciplinary Center for Preclinical and Clinical Research with rooms for animals is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for keeping 3 species of laboratory animals (mouse, rat, rabbit) and pigs and for conducting in vivo tests in a high purity class. The layout of the rooms guarantees the separation of individual animal species, and together with the technical facilities in the form of a fully equipped scullery, it allows you to meet the highest hygiene standards. The animals are kept in cages or pens (depending on the species) that meet all the requirements (included in the Act on the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific or Educational Purposes) and ensure the welfare of the kept animals.
The detailed scope of services related to the activities of the Center includes:
• providing, planning and conducting experiments with the use of specialized scientific and research equipment, together with providing rooms for animals with treatment and operating rooms,
• analysis, visualization and interpretation of results,
• consultations in the design of experiments, performance and data analysis,
• training and workshops on operating and surgical equipment