Review Procedures


Paper Review Policy of the Dydaktyka Polonistyczna Journal

      According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science, the following paper review policy is applied to the Dydaktyka Polonistyczna academic journal:

  1. The Editors perform a preliminary qualification of the papers submitted, based on the subject and profile of the journal
  2. The papers initially qualified for publication are sent to independent reviewers.
  3. Independent reviewers unaffiliated to the University of Rzeszow are appointed for each paper.
  4. The reviewers must sign a declaration of no conflict of interest. The following relations are considered a case of a conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author(s):
    • direct personal relationships (kinship, legal relationship, conflict);
    • employee-supervisor subordination;
    • direct academic co-operation within the last two years prior to the review concerned.

      The review must be in writing, descriptive in character, with an explicit conclusion on whether the paper should be accepted for publication or not.
The conditions of the acceptance or refusal of the paper for publication, as well as the review form, are available from the journal website.
      The list of the reviewers co-operating with Dydaktyka Polonistyczna is published by its Editorial Board on the official website of the journal.